The beauty of living in New Forest is you would become sensitive to the Nature around you and the change of seasons.

In August, as the heathers flower, open heathlands in New Forest turning into a beautiful purple carpet.

As promised, I am to write the first newsletter article on being a human and the Path leading to cessation of stress, anxiety, depressive mood and destructive emotions.

Being a human, we always want this, want that, want things to be a certain way.

When we cannot get what we want, we disturb ourselves with Wrong View with unhealthy negative emotions, leading to our dysfunctional actions.

What are we doing to disturb our inner peace that we already have?

Simply because we cannot see it.

It is always here hidden behind the clouds, but we cannot see until such clouds clear away.

You might be facing a big challenge in life. Whatever harsh reality or challenges you are facing, there is a way to be healed.

This is the subject which underpins Mindfulness practice.

With calmness in Mind, there is no stress, no anxiety, no depressive mood, no destructive thoughts and emotions.

The article will be delivered on the 29th of August. Interested?

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