The nature of our jobs require responsibilities, stressful deadlines and performance expectations. We tend to push ourselves to the limit.

Workplace stress can easily overwhelm our lives. If we are not careful, it could easily result in burn-out, anxiety and depression.

To manage job-related stress, our newsletters can assist you to pinpoint the cause of your stress, and offer the alternative way of being.

Here are comments from someone who was greatly helped by my method.

Over the past year my life has been turned upside down by a number of issues, including the stresses of work. The feeling of complete relaxation and calmness that I am left in is indeed something else. I cannot tell you how much that has helped me through this difficult period.

Your calming way and understanding makes it so easy for me.

My circulation feels like it should now. The more that I practice, the more subtle I feel, which at my age is lovely to feel coming back.  Thank you for all your help.

As I had been so anxious about conflict with one of my colleagues, I could not stop thinking about what to do, what should have done. Anxiety was overwhelming, so after email communications, I booked 3 day retreat.

Retreat experience with Etsuko was amazing!

She helped me to change my rigid thinking to more flexible one, as well as focusing body sensations which enabled me to find calmness and deep relaxation I never experienced in my life.

First day, I was a very unhappy and anxious person.

After 3 days I felt incredibly calm and relaxed. All anxiety, fear and lack of confidence had evaporated.

Your programme works! I am much happier person now, and am grateful that you have changed my life so dramatically for the better.

Thank you!

You will be receiving a free article once a week for the next 10 weeks.

Based upon our clients’ experiences and outstanding outcome from the treatments, I am happy to share the method as 10 week programme: Free your Mind from Stress, Anxiety, Burn-out and Depression.

Here is an outline of what we will cover in the free 10 week programme:

  • To cope better with your hectic pace of everyday life and stress.
  • Inner Peace exists from the beginning!
  • Experiencing true and deep relaxation, there is a quick way to reach inner peace.
  • Why does communication cause stress and anxiety?
  • I’m right! Is that so?
  • If your job represent sufferings, then what can you do?
  • Life is a place of learning with joy!
  • Wherever you are, you can choose to live in the Present Moment!
  • What you need to do is just enjoy the practice.
  • How to build Stress Resilience: Here it is! Your Next Step!

Our weekly articles intend to inspire you to build Stress Resilience by connecting innate peace and healing power which you already have within, to cope better with your hectic pace of everyday life and stress.

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