Sleeping problem is much more common than you might think.

If you have messed up your body clock, you might feel sleepy and unable to concentrate in the middle of your working hours. Suffering from chronic fatigue, you are no longer able to perform well…

When such symptoms persist, sleep deprivation can cause wide range of physical and mental illness, then no one can function well, as your body and brain start shutting down. Insomnia can cause the symptoms of depression. Feeling of depression can deteriorate your insomnia… a vicious circle!

As far as the cause of your sleeping problem is not an illness, such as sleep apnoea, then you can cure your sleeping problem by establishing your daily routine!

Here is how I would assist you to establish daily routine:

  • Even you went to bed very late, wake up at the same time every day.
    Get up ⇨ Shower Meditation ⇨ Open windows to take fresh air and get morning sunshine.
    15 minutes Morning Programme ⇨ Light Breakfast ⇨ Get ready for work
  • Take proper lunch break!
    If you feel sleepy, try to get out of the office for fresh air and sun light.
    If you have a facility to take a short afternoon nap, please do so!
    But do not exceed more than 30 minutes.
  • Try to avoid eat and/or drink after 9pm.
    As this can ruin your body’s adjustment process and mess up the sleeping cycle.
    Bath Meditation ⇨ Evening 15 minutes programme ⇨ Go to bed at the same time.From time to time, we cannot avoid working long hours.

    But by keeping those daily routine, you can sleep sound in the night as your body will keep correct body clock.

Good night sleep enables you to concentrate and perform better!

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