I am not a Buddhist, but I am often in awe of the Buddha’s extraordinary wisdom.

Freud used the analogy of an iceberg to describe consciousness; his model iceberg is floating in the ocean as an individual, completely separated entity.

Jung’s “Collective Unconscious” has similarity to the Buddha’s 8th sense “Alaya-Shiki” (Alaya-vijJAna). According to Jung the human mind has innate characteristics imprinted on it that are never made conscious, as a result of evolution.

The Buddha, as a scientist and psychologist, he already understood human mind in depth more than any modern scientist 2600 years ago. I am in awe of his sharp analytic ability and his deep love wishing all the creatures’ happiness.

It is often explained as waves, let me try to translate into English;-

Windy days, the wind pushes whitecaps across the surface ocean, but deep in the ocean, there is stillness.

Just imagine your consciousness as one of the whitecaps on the surface ocean.
Your Mind struggles inside of this tiny choppy space. There is stillness and depth in the ocean, but you do not notice.

When choppy sea became calm, there is no whitecap on the surface ocean.

Windy days, the wind pushes whitecaps across the surface of ocean, but deep in the ocean, there is stillness.

With everyday mindfulness, you would become able to observe your Mind with calmness – as if the sea became calm without whitecap on the surface ocean.

While practicing mindful Prāna Yoga, I often teach how to feel “Tan-Den”, as I sense this is the area enabling us to connect with Collective Unconscious and infinite energy from universe.

Please stay in touch with your body sensations.

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