Good morning!

Having taken Mindful shower and practiced morning 15 minute programme, you will receive another day with joy, even if you suffer chronic pain.

A therapist in a pain clinic coldly told a friend of mine “Be friend with your pain”, this triggered fury in him. This phrase would only become useful and be appreciated by a patient, when the speaker knows true meaning and spoke with compassion.

Pain is a useful signal to draw your attention to the problem region of the body. When struggling to cope sharp, electricity leakage like acute pain, it is virtually impossible to become friend with your pain.

STOP PAIN, this is the first call. I am in pain, struggling! Oral pain killers would not work, then suppository or nerve blog injection. We need to control pain first.

Then, we can start listening our body sensations.

  • Unfortunately, no one would understand pain you suffer including your doctors.
  • You are the only person in the world who knows your pain.
  • If you do not move your body, you might lose mobility in that region.

Horse riding accident. As I suffered electricity leakage like acute, constant and deep pain around my sacrum region, my doctors and I, both did not notice my shoulder injury. Just lying on my back for 3 months, I had such discomfort all over my body with stiffened muscle, joints etc, so shoulder discomfort did not feel anything particular. My image movement exercise focused regaining ability in the lower part of my body.

When started rehabilitation, I found my left shoulder and arm completely frozen. If we do not move a certain part of body (or with image), we might lose mobility in that region.

If you have impaired movement, then practice body scan or make movements with imagination. By practicing this, even if you have limited mobility, you will be able to re-energise your body.

My experience taught me “this is the only way to gain true recovery”. Mindful Prana Yoga we use, can be practiced by anyone.

① By listening body sensations, move gently and slowly as far as you feel comfortable this stimulate sympathetic nervous system. Then take the relaxing pose. This stimulate para-sympathetic nervous system allowing us to experience true and deep relaxation.

② By alternately stimulating the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems we regain balance in our autonomic nervous system; assisting us to reduce discomfort.

③ Nothing is difficult in practicing Mindful Prana Yoga. Just follow my movements as far as you feel comfortable at any given moment. Anyone can practice to promote well being, both body and mind.

To make a perfect pose is not the purpose. Feel deep relaxation after practice. That’s all that matters.

Sciatica, back-pain, recovering illness or injury, old age… Anyone can practice.
Breathing Exercises would enable you to correct fast and shallow breathing habits.

Daily practice enables you to improve your relationship with the pain.

Relaxed and calm, this will expand to your daily life and professional life. Your calm energy would inevitably heal destructive thoughts and emotions, your illuminating energy triggers great things happening in your life.

Living with chronic pain, it is hard, but your life does not need to stop.

Trust in your abilities, trust in your innate self-healing power. No matter what challenges you are facing, you can find joy in daily life.

Hope you will join us to experience true sense of relaxation.

With your intention, by practicing 30 minute daily programme, you will gain awareness that there is nothing and there is no one that can take your innate peace away from you.

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  • Depression, Anxiety, OCD and stress related symptoms; as well as Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Irritability.
  • Emotion Management. Stress Reduction. Burnout Prevention.
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