In Japanese language, we believe in KOTO-DAMA which means each word has its own soul. Powers dwell in words, thus try to use right words with care.

In other words, if you use right and kind words, you will receive benefit from such approach as if the word itself has own soul and power.

I understand this as subconscious level of underlying waves which exists deep within our minds. Through which we are all connected, so that it would influence our feelings and actions.

During Mindfulness Retreat, you will be introduced to Mindful Eating. Natural food are prepared for you, normally simple Italian dish made from organic vegetables grown by a nearby farm.

The word “I-ta-da-ki Masu” and origin of this word is introduced at the beginning.

I-ta-da-ki Masu, means

I thank you for receiving life, as well as those who have made ingredients available and prepared this meal for us.

With gratitude to receive life from others to sustain your own, you would naturally be able to appreciate what you are to eat. I am certain such approach will prevent various health problems as well as weight gain.

Tiny plants in the above photo are grown from seeds inside of red peppers.

Every year, one of the ladies working for us brings 6 tomato plants grown from seeds. She told me that she could grow vegetable plants by squeezing out fresh seeds over compost.

When I heard this, I just wanted to try.

As I had red peppers in the fridge, made Italian roasted peppers. Normally, peppers are roasted in the oven as a whole. This time, however, cut in half, fresh seeds were removed and spread ON indoor compost.

Just over a week, my pot is filled with new tiny plants emerged from seeds. It’s amazing.

Amazing power of life!

How about us? Our self-healing power within.

If you suffer unipolar depression, and/or anxiety, there is a way to overcome without medication.

If you are over stressed, suffering insomnia or irritability, there is a way to overcome without medication.

If you are recovering from illness or injury, there is a way to communicate with your body to promote recovery.

To reach your amazing power within 

Please remember, no matter what challenges you are facing, as far as you have willingness to be healed, there is a way to live your life with gratitude and joy.

Amazing power of life within you!

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