Winter solstice indicated the start of new wave turning into 2018.

As a part of preparation to receive a New Year with good energy, we would like to invite you to a group meditation commencing at 9pm, Saturday the 23rd. .

Just be comfortable, you can practice anywhere.

A group of people to connect, at the same time, with same intention with energy full of gratitude, this will make huge difference as we live in the field of energy.

We are to commence at 9pm, Saturday 23rd of December.

The duration is up to you, this could be a couple of minutes or 30 minutes or so.

IF you are with friends or still out, no problem. What ever you are doing, just reflect on all the people and things you are grateful for this year.

Meditation starts from gratitude for our own 60 trillion cells sustaining our life continuously without a rest (other theory indicates 50 trillion or 37 trillion cells)

Should you prefer, you can use a chair or sit on the floor in a form of formal meditation.

Where ever you are, this is the process;-

At 9pm tomorrow

  • Lengthen your sacrum and spine 
  • If you are sitting, place hands on your thighs. You can keep your soft eyes open or to close whichever comfortable for you
  • Take tension off from your shoulders, neck, arms, hands and fingers
  • Take a slow and deep out-breath from your mouth to release tension around your mouth and jaws. You can repeat until you fell relaxed. Then breath naturally through your nose.
  • Let’s start to feel gratitude for our own cells working together to sustain our life, you may touch hands or face to feel them. Let us feel gratitude for our life and achievements, then “thank you” in your mind to yourself as many as you like
  • Let us feel gratitude for nature around us sustains our life, then “thank you” in your mind to the nature
  • Let us reflect on all the people and things you are grateful for this year. Then “thank you” in your mind to the person and things as many as you like
  • By now, you might feel some warmth in your body or filled with warmth around you
  • End our meditation with warm wishes for all creatures’ safety and peace for this Christmas and beyond.

Wishing you a relaxing holiday with peace and joy.
Hope you can join us this Saturday at 9pm.

Etsuko Ito MSc.

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  • Depression, Anxiety, OCD and stress related symptoms; as well as Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Irritability.
  • Emotion Management. Stress Reduction. Burnout Prevention.
  • Clients from London, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, UK and Japan.

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