Good morning!

Having taken Mindful shower and practiced morning 15 minute programme,
feeling great and focussed and ready to start a lovely day with a big smile on your face.

But some day, even your good intentions are there to be happy and feeling calm….

Unwanted thoughts and negative emotions would appear to your mind.
Often, with restlessness, one tends to act to inconvenience others and hurt others’ feelings.

In the aftermath of a surge of unwanted emotions, you are filled with regrets.

Why did I do that?
Why could I not anchor my mind to the present moment to stop such actions?

That’s OK, no need to criticise yourself….

We are only human beings who could make mistakes. Instead….
We can hold ourselves with compassion and kindness.

On the other hand, you might feel depressed or helplessness, when you received unkind words or harsh actions from others.

That is also OK. If you notice unwanted thoughts or emotions, then just accept and hold with compassion, noticing that “I am suffering”.

No need to criticise yourself, just acknowledge and let it go!

We all wish to be happy.
We all wish to feel great.

All of us have innate energy within, we influence each other in a flow of energies.
Please remember that we have a choice to avoid destroying own life and happiness.

There is a way to reduce the degree of stress you would actually feel.

The fourth article on the principle underlying Mindfulness practice will be delivered on the 30th of November.

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