Good morning!

Having practiced mindful shower and morning 15 minute programme…
breathing exercises would enable you to start a day with joy and calmness in mind.

As winter days are short and cold, and the holiday season approaches, even you do not suffer winter blues (SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder), you might experience restlessness, irritability, tension, anxiety or insomnia.

Stress can affect your body, as well as how you feel, think and behave.

“Do you run any workshop around Christmas? I want to leave holiday stress behind.”

On my return from Japan, having received this enquiry, we have launched Winter Mini Retreat from this month to February 2018, including festive period!

A warm and cosy room, healthy breakfast and clean air …

Away from the hectic schedule of everyday life and holiday stress, this retreat in the New Forest National Park will trigger dramatic changes in you.

You will learn how to bring awareness to body sensations and experience deep relaxation, our practice would enable you to manage stress effectively.

It is an ideal time to reflect on your life and become aware of who you truly are… and commence a new way of living your life with calmness and peace in mind.

Those are testimonials received from former participants.

The feeling of complete relaxation and calmness that I am left with is indeed something else and I cannot tell you how much that has helped me through this difficult period. Your calming way and understanding makes it so easy for me. Thank you for all your help.

This has been a truly enlightening experience for me. I will take away with me the key principles that will be in my heart for many years. This method will be in me, I am so grateful

I spent 3 days with Etsuko on a one to one basis, spending time rationalising the issues, but more importantly learning to be aware of the present and not to worry about the future or the past, I learned yoga practices and breathing techniques and how to be more mindful every day.

With true and deep relaxation, you will be equipped with great stress management skills.

  • overwhelmed by a sense of worry, panic, or danger.
  • distracted by powerful and recurring thoughts and constantly feeling down.
  • experieincing restlessness, irritability, tension, or insomnia.

Then this mini retreat is for you.

The most effective stress and anxiety treatment without medication.

Surrounded by clean and crisp air, charming ponies and donkeys and receiving energy from deep forest, you will regain the sense of being.

With our practice, you can choose to hook into the consciousness of your right hemisphere, where you can access your inner peace that you already have.

With calmness in Mind, there is no stress, no anxiety, no depressive mood, no destructive thoughts and emotions.


Rufus House is located in the centre of the New Forest National Park.

60 minutes from Heathrow Airport, should you prefer, we can assist you to arrange a pick up by a chauffeur car. You can find access page with this link.


  • A personal retreat at £450 : 2 night BB and a half day workshop.
  • Between 22nd December 17 and 3rd January 18: A personal retreat at £600
    2 night BB, a half day workshop and a dinner for the night of workshop
  • 3 day retreat for anxiety and depression treatment, please request from this link.

Enjoy trotting around the forest on the horse back, or a day spa in the nearby 5-star hotel with its fabulous spa facilities. We can assist you to book your place.

You can book personal retreat from this link. Please indicate preferred dates for your retreat.

Joinnig us as a couple or a group?
Please indicate number of people attending and your requirements.

So, those who have sent enquiries, look forward to sharing our valuable time together this winter.

Specialized in

  • Depression, Anxiety, OCD and stress related symptoms; as well as Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Irritability.
  • Emotion Management. Stress Reduction. Burnout Prevention.
  • Clients from London, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, UK and Japan.

Rufus House, Southampton Road, Lyndhurst, New Forest National Park, Hampshire SO43 7BQ, UK

TEL: 02380 282930 (Outside of the UK: +44 2380 282930)