Unless you had an experience of choking on something, you do not notice or think about your breath.

Mindfulness, Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn uses breathing meditation, as if riding on the waves of breath, whilst watching our mind.

Prānayama (breathing exercises) I learnt from renowned Japanese Ki-Master Mr. Isamu Mochizuki, will deepen meditation and assist you to attain calmness in mind.

Breath can increase the spiritual level of relaxation, assisting us to gain calmness in mind.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of agitation, when you are in the company of someone with heavy breathing? Whilst being with someone whose breathing is so quiet and deep, you will experience a feeling of calmness.

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anger… I often notice heavy and shallow breathing.

Our Treatment protocols

  • CBT
    By changing thinking patterns, your dysfunctional negative emotions will be shifted to functional counterparts, which would enable you to take functional actions.
  • Mindfulness
    By changing your daily habits, you will gain a new way of living your life. Everyday Mindfulness underpinned by Buddha Dharma. Breathing Meditation, Walking Meditation, Mindful Eating, Body Scan, Shower Meditation, Bath Meditation.
  • Mindful Prāna Yoga
    With Meditation with movements, Prānayama (breathing exercises) and Doko (movement of Ki =Life Energy= Prāna), you will experience true and deep relaxation.

    By alternately stimulating the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems we regain balance in our autonomic nervous system, thus strengthen our immune system; allowing a healthy person to become even healthier and assisting those suffering from illness or injury to recover.

That is why all the participants having attended our 3-day retreat managed to bring their high BDI and BAI scores to almost Zero on the 3rd day.

With true and deep relaxation, you will experience the sense of being at one with the universe. Enabling you to feel deep inner peace that flooded the core of your very being.

This has been a truly enlightening experience for me.

I will take away with me those key principles that will be in my heart for many years. Infinite possibilities, flexible way of thinking, applying gently compassionate logic, sense of deep relaxation.

I found your method, especially mindful eating and daily practice, very useful. Thank you! I am so grateful.

Our videos will enable you to bring awareness to breath sensations, assisting you to gain calmness in mind and experience true relaxation at home.

Specialized in

  • Depression, Anxiety, OCD and stress related symptoms; as well as Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Irritability.
  • Emotion Management. Stress Reduction. Burnout Prevention.
  • Clients from London, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, UK and Japan.

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