The nature of any job would require responsibilities, stressful deadlines and performance expectations.

For some, such pressure perceived as normal and even motivated to ensure that things get done. Once completed, one would experience tremendous satisfactions. Rewards could be pay rise, recognition and promotions.

However, workplace stress can easily overwhelm our life. It could develop burn-out, anxiety and depression.

Symptoms such as gastritis, sleeping difficulties, headaches, muscular tension, fatigue, irritability, loss of motivation and interest are often noticed.

I am sure that most of you have experienced some kind of worry about a particular project, or experienced unpleasant feelings, thoughts and exhaustion. Might you have experienced uncomfortable thoughts that you were unfairly treated by your superiors or colleagues.

When such stress became excessive, you need to take prompt actions to prevent health problems.

How can we notice such signs?
What can we do?

There are many ways to help in managing job-related stress.

I used to ride horses over the weekend to regain myself. As I lived a short distance from my body (i.e. not a mindful being), I was not aware how exhausted I was … which inevitably caused an accident!! So, those activities, I do not recommend.

Here are some points I learned in dealing with stress at work;-

  • Make “my-time” in your daily life.
    It takes only 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Bring awareness to body sensations to anchor your mind to the present moment, which enables you to acknowledge your limit at any given moment, so you can prevent exceeding such limit.
  • In the office, when overwhelmed, irritated, unhappy or sad, stand up and go out of the office to get coffee or tea!
    Walking and fresh air will enable you to refresh your mind and regain sense of being. Once you start everyday Mindfulness practice, you can use Tan-den breathing techniques to regain inner peace.

Over the past year my life has been turned upside down by a number of issues, including the stresses of work.  When I attend your classes, the feeling of complete relaxation and calmness that I am left in is indeed something else. I cannot tell you how much that has helped me through this difficult period.

Your calming way and understanding makes it so easy for me.

My circulation feels like it should now. The more that I practice, the more subtle I feel, which at my age is lovely to feel coming back.  Thank you for all your help.

To manage job-related stress, we can assist you to pinpoint the cause of your stress, and offer the alternative way of being.

Corporate workshop is the most effective tool for prevention.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your requirements.

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